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About Us1
My name is Danny Scott and this is my wife Sharon and little Danny Jnr.

This is our website and we build it especially for you!

I am 34 and has been in the Car Trade my entire life. In fact, the Car Trade is in my blood – I grow up in the car trade because my dad has been in the trade for nearly 45 years.

Sharon – my lovely wife just turned 29 and has been in the advertising business for the last 6.5 years.

When Sharon resigned her job last year to gave birth to Danny Jnr,  she was head of marketing & adverting for a major National Motor Firm and Dealership.

I think you can say that we both know what we are talking about when it comes to buying and selling cars.

We try to do things different, we give personal service and care about your needs. We know that once you do business with us, you will also love our work and I hope you will come to love this website too. The site was build for YOU! Just give us an try and you will see what we are prepared to do for you.You will be amazed!

The bottom line is this:

List your car on our site and Sharon and I we will do our BEST to sell it for you ASAP for the price you want.

The good news is – we are NOT going to charge you an arm and a leg or ANY commissions. All we ask is this:

R9.50 per day to list your car here.
R7.50 per day if you are an existing client.

Here is a SPECIAL DEAL !

List You Car Here For Only R9.50 Per Day Or R130 For Two Weeks.

List For Three Weeks For R195 And we give you 10 Extra Days FREE – Just In Case Your Car Doesn’t Sell In The First Few Weeks.

That is all you have to pay – we will do everything else for you.

List your car, bakkie, bike, boat, 4×4, trailer, truck or bus and we will try our BEST to sell it for you.

Please click here to see how it works, or you can go to the menu on the homepage  and click on the button List Here.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please remember that Sharon and I will always do a professional and personal job for you when it comes to helping you selling your car.

On our books you will never be just a number. For us you will be Dave, Mike, Sue or Jenny. That is how we like to treat your clients – with respect!

You will see…

Yours Truly,

Danny Scott

PS – On the right hand side of this page is a red SUBSCRIBE button. It is there for YOU. Click on it and see for yourself what happens. Complete the box you like – or all of them if you like – and we will automatically let you know via email as soon as a new car in YOUR chosen category are listed on our site. You email address and details are save with us – we will never share it with anyone else.